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Susan Boyle Weight Loss Transformation,Singing Career and Life

Susan Boyle Weight Loss Bio:

Susan Boyle is a Scottish Singer.She was born on 1 April 1961 in Blackburn West Lothian, Scotland. She want to become a singer and she shot to fame on Britan’s Got Talent in 2009.Her Doctor say’s she needed to Lose weight weight for her health.Her First album I Dreamed a Dream was released in 2009 and become the UK’s Best selling Album and in US it was the second best Album. In her first year sshe has made 5 Million with the release of I Dreamed a Dream and its lead of singals. In 2012 she was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome after previously being told she’d suffered brain damage at birth.Susan Boyle Weight Loss is on this page.
Susan Boyle Weight Loss

Who is Susan Boyle?

Susan Magdalane Boyle is a famous Scottish singer who made her name after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent television show program in April 2009. This lovely woman sang “Les Miserables‘s” I Dreamed a Dream.She was born on April 1, 1961 in Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland. After her first professional foray and the release of her first album of the same name, I Dreamed A Dream, she became the biggest selling UK release album of all time.

She also topped the Billboard 200 chart for six weeks. In this first year of fame it gained 6 million pounds sterling.Her father, Patrick Blyle, was a miner and World War II veteran also worked as a singer in the bishop’s Blaize, while her mother Bridget Boyle, was an acronym for typist.
She had a difficult childhood at school because of Asperger’s syndrome. Constantly she was intimidated and her companions nicknamed her “Susie Simple”.In addition to taking singing lessons, she prepared at the Edinburgh Performing Arts School and later participated in the Edinburgh Fringe. Before Britain’s Got Talent, he had only sung at her local Catholic church.

Susan Boyle Weight Loss
                                                                      Susan Boyle

How much weight did Susan Loss:

Susan Boyle singer weight loss is 50 lb in 2016. 50 lb is equal to 50 pounds and 50 pounds is equal to 22.68 kg.

Susan Boyle Weight loss Photos:

Susan Boyle Weight Loss
Susan Boyle picture after weight loss.
Susan Boyle Weight Loss
After Weight Loss

Susan Boyle Weight Loss

Susan Boyle Early Life:

Susan Boyle was born in 1st April 1961 in Blackburn West Lothian, Scotland. Her father name is Patrick Boyle he was a Miner and Veteran of the Second World War who also worked as a singer at  Bishop’s Blaize and her mother Bridget was a Shorthand Typist. She was Born when her mother’s age is 45. She is the youngest of 4 Brothers and 5 Sisters. There names are John Boyle, Gerry Boyle and sisters are Brigid McCaw and Mary Bardy Bayle. She raised thinking that she had been breifly deprived of Oxygen during a difficult birth resulting in a learning disability.After leaving school with few qualifications, Boyle took part in government training programmes and performed at local venues.

Susan Boyle Weight Loss
                                                               Susan Boyle Family

A huge fan of the song Puppy Love, as well as Grease (1978), Andrew Lloyd Webber, and the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. She’s also a fan of Donny Osmond, and still has posters of him on her bedroom wall left over from her childhood. He was greatly impressed with her star-making audition, and was honoured she used his songs to learn how to sing. She also likes to listen to Michael Bublé, Elton John and anybody who can make a good record.  After her mother’s death in 2007, she didn’t sing anything for two years. Her mother was the one who recommended she try out for Britain’s Got Talent (2007) but Boyle lost her nerve at the last minute.She hoped to win Britain’s Got Talent (2009) as a tribute to her late mother.

What happened to singer Susan Boyle?

In 2012, Boyle was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. She made her diagnosis public in a BBC interview in December 2013.

Susan Boyle Career:

Susan Boyle Weight Loss
                                                           Britain Got Talent

Boyle took singing lessons from vocal coach Fred O’Neil.She attended Edinburgh Acting School and took part in the Edinburgh Fringe. She also long participated in her parish church’s pilgrimages to the Knock Shrine, County Mayo, Ireland, and sang there at the Marian basilica.In 1995, she auditioned for Michael Barrymore’s My Kind of People. In 1998, Boyle recorded three tracks—”Cry Me A River”, “Killing Me Softly”, and “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”—at Heartbeat Studio, Midlothian. She used all her savings to pay for a professionally cut demo, copies of which she later sent to record companies, radio talent competitions, local and national TV. The demo consisted of her versions of “Cry Me a River” and “Killing Me Softly with His Song”; the songs were uploaded to the Internet after her BGT audition

Susan Boyle’s relationships:

In 2014 it was reported that Susan Boyle was in love with her first boyfriend after 53 years of singles. He is an American doctor who met at a luxury hotel in Florida during a tour of the United States.She commented that he acted as the “perfect gentleman”.

Boyle admitted that he enjoyed the romantic lunch with his first man. On this happy episode she commented that she hoped that her suitor would visit her in Scotland.She says, “I really want to start going to the dates and I’ve asked my friends to set me up.” Se says she wants to marry a man “if they can find one. I would like to reassure myself one day”.

Susan Boyle Weight Loss

On Tuesday morning (June 6, 2017) the Sun-Times told singer Susan Boyle, 56, and her boyfriend, that they would be buying engagement rings.But other reports indicate that romance with her American boyfriend after a series of phone calls and mail exchange soon went out.

Susan Boyle Interview:

Every American chat show host from Larry King to Oprah Winfrey wanted to interview Boyle after she became famous. She gave over 60 interviews in a week after her star-making audition, all from her own home. When a camera crew filmed her house for The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986) they took a break so she could have a nap. Her status as a celebrity was confirmed after she was interviewed by OK!. Apparently you’re not officially a celebrity until you’re interviewed by either OK! or Hello!.

After finishing second in the 2009 final of Britain’s Got Talent. Susan was admitted to a clinic for five days after suffering exhaustion from the intense media scrutiny of the previous five weeks. However, she made a full recovery and completed an arduous tour. In 2010, she brought out her second album – The Gift.

Susan Boyle Britain Got Talent:

In 2008, Susan applied for an audition for the third series of Britain Got Talent and was accepted after a preliminary audition in Glasgow. When Boyle first appeared on Britain’s Got Talent at the city’s Clyde Auditorium, she said that she aspired to become a professional singer “as successful as Elaine Paige”. Boyle sang I Dreamed A Dream in the first round which was watch by 10 million people when aired on 11 April 2009. Boyle was “absolutely gobsmacked” by the strength of the reaction to her appearance.
Susan Boyle Weight Loss

Afterwards, Paige expressed interest in singing a duet with Boyle and called her “a role model for everyone who has a dream”. Boyle was one of the 40 acts that were put through to the semi finals.”Memory” from the musical Cats. In the public vote, she was the act to receive the highest number of votes to go through to the final. She was the clear favourite to win the final, but ended up in second place to dance troupe Diversity; the UK TV audience was a record of 17.3 million viewers.she had been invited to the Independence Day celebrations at the White House.

Boyle left the clinic three days after admission and  said she would participate in the BGT Tour. Despite health concerns she appeared in the 20 of the 24 dates of the tour.

I Dreamed A Dream:

Boyle’s first album, I Dreamed a Dream, was released on 23 November 2009. The album includes covers of “Wild Horses” and “You’ll See” as well as “I Dreamed a Dream”, and “Cry Me a River”. In Britain, Boyle’s debut album was recognized as the fastest selling UK debut album of all time selling 411,820 copies, beating the previous fastest selling debut of all time spirit by Leona Lewis.

In US the Album sold 701,000 copies.It topped the Billboard chart for six straight weeks and although it narrowly failed to become the best-selling album of 2009, with sales of 3,104,000 compared to 3,217,000 for Taylor Swift’s Fearless, it was one of only two albums to sell over 3 million copies in the US, and was also the top selling “physical” album of 2009, with only 86,000 of its sales coming from digital downloads.This has in turn garnered more media attention, as mentioned by People magazine.In January 2012, Boyle donated a performance dress, which she had worn on America’s Got Talent on 31 August 2011, to The Laura McPhee Memorial Fund (Asthma) UK Charity. The dress was sold at auction for £521 and helped raise awareness of the charity.

Susan Boyle’s Albums:

  • A Wonder Full World (2009)
  • I Dreamed A Dream (2010)Susan Boyle Weight Loss
  • Home For Christmas (2011)
  • The Gift (2012)Susan Boyle Weight Loss
  • Someone To Watch Over Me (2013)
  • Standing Ovation:The Great (2014)
  • Hope (2016)

Susan Boyle Weight LossSusan Boyle’s Weight Loss Transformation: 

Boyle was diagnosed with several illnesses after her career started. One of these was Asperger Syndrome. Which is a form of autism which affects the way someone relates to other people and process information. This illness explains a lot about her personality and behavior. As well as explains her lifelong developmental disability which was first diagnosed as a lack of oxygen to her brain as a baby.

Boyle’s Diabetes:

Boyle was also diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Which is associated with obesity and old age. It is characterized by the body’s inability to produce enough insulin to function properly. Glucose then stays in the blood and instead of being used for energy, becomes stored as fat cells in the liver.It was because of these illnesses that Boyle finally decided to do something about her life.

She was told by doctors at the age of 55 that if she didn’t lose weight, severe health complications would occur. It was this fear for her life that she decided to finally put an end to her addiction to sweets. Her first goal was to manage her diabetes but in turn. She lost an incredible amount of weight at the same time. Aside from cutting sweets from her diet, Boyle also manages to walk two miles every day as her fitness regimen.

How did Susan Boyle lose Weight:

  • Eliminate Sugar from her Diet.
  • Walk Two Miles every day.
  • Take Garcinia Cambogia Suppliments.

Susan Boyle Diet:

Sweets and cookies were the bane of Boyle’s existence. She could never end the day without satisfying her cravings. But when she was told by her doctors that she had to stop, she resorted to a Sugar-free diet.

There are two simple rules to this diet :

  •  No Artificial Sweeteners (Splenda, NutraSweet, etc.)
  •  No Refined Sugars (White sugar, corn syrup, etc.)
  • Vegetables

Fruits are an exception. Although they contain natural sugars, they are the healthy kind and contains less calories. Processed foods are a no-no since they mostly contain artificial sweeteners and hidden sugars disguised in different names. Even ketchup, flavored yogurt, salad dressings, and potato chips have sugars.

Two Miles Walk:

Exercise is essential for weight loss and good health. Susan Boyle knew that exercising would help her shed the flab quickly, which, in turn, could help fight diabetes. She started walking 2 miles every day. Walking is a low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints. It can also help reduce blood sugar levels . This lowers the effect of diabetes on the body. Boyle was about 50-years-old at that time, and it was important not to hurt her knees in the process of working out. So, walking was the only way she could start burning the fat.

Take Garcinia Cambogia Suppliments:

Garcinia Cambogia Suppliment is a tropical trat fruit in that grows in Southeast Asia. The pulp of this fruit is dried and is used in foods to add a tangy flavor.Recently, it has started being used as a weight loss supplement. It works by suppressing your appetite, burning fat by improving your metabolism, and boosting your mood.

Garcinia Cambogia Suppliment

Recently, Boyle was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome that developed due to a lack of oxygen supply to her brain when she was a baby. Due to her condition, she stopped touring in 2015. However, that did not stop her from singing or taking care of her health. You can also start taking care of your health today, and weight loss will happen on its own. Just weed out your bad lifestyle habits, and you will soon start to glow.

Susan Boyle Net Worth in 2012:

Susan Boyle net worth in was estimated as 22 Million in April 2012. She is known for supporting various charitable causes and has appeared on the UK Charity Telethons BBC Children in Need and Comic Relief.

Susan Boyle Net Worth in 2016:

Susan Boyle Net Worth is 33 Million in 2016 From her Album The Wonder full World. Her total net worth is 26 Million.

Where is Susan Boyle Today? 

Susan Boyle House in Blackburn

Although winning BGT and seeing her debut album top the charts, Susan bought the four-bedroom ex-council house in Blackburn, in which she still lives now, for £65,000.

She also paid £300,000 for a brand-new five-bedroom house therefore found it hard to settle in so moved in her niece and moved back to the ex-council house.

What is Susan Boyle’s Doing Now?

Susan Boyle is making a New Album according to according to Simon Cowell. He told the sun Online: she will have an album Out of Christmas. We have got an idea to do something slightly different. This album will be released in the end of the year.

Skinny Susan Boyle:

Susan Boyle has become skinny due to her Type 2 Diabetes and her doctor advised her to to lose weight as much she can. She has done diet and start walking two miles per day and start eating Diabetes medicine according to the prescription.Susan Boyle Weight Loss

Susan Boyle Weight Loss Before and After Photos:

Before weight loss She was very healthy mean while she likes to eat food very much. From her childhood she was very healthy and was bullied by the children of her age. She become depressed by the behavior of the people and in her depression she likes to eat. From her childhood she like to eat sweets and Junk food.

Doctor said that she has Diabetes. That she has Diabetes and she has to loss weight for her healthy life and start doing diet she starts losing weight.Susan Boyle Pic After weight loss.

Susan Boyle Pics In 2018:

In 2018 Susan Boyle look like.

Susan Boyle looks like this in 2018,Now. Susan Boyle Weight Loss Biography.


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