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Wanna One Members Profile , Ages , Name, Wiki, Instagram, Height

Wanna One (워너원) is a group formed by the top 11 contestants from the second season of Produce 101: Jisung, Sungwoon, Minhyun, Seongwoo, Jaehwan, Daniel, Jihoon, Woojin, Jinyoung, Daehwi, and Guanlin. The group debuted on 7th August  2017, under YMC Entertainment and CJ E&M.

Wanna One Members Profile

Wanna One Members Profile: Jisung

Jisung Stage Name: Jisung (지성)
Jisung Birth Name: Yoon Byeong-ok (윤병옥)
Jisung Position: Leader, Sub Vocalist
Jisung Birthday: 8 March 1991
Jisung Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Jisung Nationality: Korean
Jisung Height: 175 cm
Jisung Weight: 63 kg
Jisung Blood Type: B

jisung wanna one profile

Jisung facts:

  • He also likes acting
  • He loves anything to do with animals
  • Jisung was born in Wonju, Gangwon-do, South Korea.
  • Jisung has a younger sister name Yoon Seulgi
  • He ended PD101 on the 8th rank with a total of 902,098 votes
  • He was a trainee at MMO Entertainment with Daniel
  • He and Daniel were backup dancers for Fiestar’s Cao Lu
  • After Park Seongwoo was eliminated, Jisung was the oldest trainee in Produce 101
  • He received the most votes when trainees had to decide on their ‘fixed pick’ for the final 11

Wanna One Members Profile: sungwoon

Stage Name: Sungwoon (성운)
Birth Name: Ha Sungwoon (하성운)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: March 22, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Nationality: Korean
Height: 167 cm (5’6″)
Weight: 57 kg (126 lbs)
Blood Type: A

sungwoon wanna one profile

Sungwoon facts:

Sungwoon has a younger sister

  • His nickname is “Cloud”
  • Sungwoon has the best skin out of all members.
  • Sungwoon was born in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • His hobbies include playing soccer, video games and pool
  • He ended PD101 on the 11th rank with a total of 790,302 votes
  • Sungwoon has the best skin out of all members.
  • Sungwoon auditioned for JYP Entertainment in 2010 and made it to last round.
  • He was a trainee of Star Crew Entertainment (formerly known as Ardor&Able) for 2 years and 3 months
  • His rank rose considerably in the third-ranking announcement when he went up more than 20 positions to land at number 3

Wanna One Members Profile: Minhyun

Minhyun Stage Name: Minhyun (민현)
Minhyun Birth Name: Hwang Minhyun (황민현)
Minhyun Position: Lead Vocalist
Minhyun Birthday: August 9, 1995
Minhyun Zodiac Sign: Leo
Minhyun Nationality: Korean
Minhyun Height: 181 cm (5’11″)
Minhyun Weight: 67 kg (148 lbs)
Minhyun Blood Type: O

Minhyun Wanna One Profile

Minhyun facts:

  • He was born in Busan, South Korea
  • Minhyun has an older sister named Hwang Sujin
  • He ended PD101 on the 9th rank with a total of 862,719 votes
  • He is a member of NU’EST
  • Minhyun’s role in Wanna One is the “dad”.
  • He can speak Japanese
  • He plays the piano, writes lyrics and composes music
  • His hobbies are cleaning and organizing.
  • Minhyun is allergic to salt. Even when he’s dancing he would have an allergic reaction to his own sweat and get rashes

Wanna One Members Profile: Seongwoo

Seongwoo Stage Name: Seongwoo
Seongwoo Birth Name: Ong Seongwoo (옹성우)
Seongwoo Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Seongwoo Birthday: August 25, 1995
Seongwoo Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Seongwoo Nationality: Korean
Seongwoo Height: 179 cm
SeongwooWeight: 63 kg
Seongwoo Blood Type: A

Seongwoo Wanna One Profile

Seongwoo facts:

  • He was born in Incheon, South Korea
  • He has an older sister
  • He ended PD101 on the 5th rank with a total of 984,756 votes
  • He went to Hanlim Multi Art School in Seoul
  • He was a trainee at Fantagio for 8 months
  • He is a very good dancer, especially popping and freestyle
  • He became well-known for ‘clapping the slate’ before starting rehearsals

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